From Diabetic to Cyclist

Dan was diagnosed with mild Type II Diabetes when he was 51.  He had been unable to lose significant amounts of weight despite trying WeightWatchers for many years to combat his obesity.  Fortunately, the tech company he worked for had just moved closer to home.  The commute was only nine miles each way.  His diabetes diagnoses was a wake up call to try something new; he had to take control of his health.  He dusted off the recumbent bike that had been sitting largely unused in his garage.  He began commuting on his recumbent bike religiously.  The results were extraordinary and immediate.  He began shedding pounds.  Over a couple of months he lost significant weight.  Unfortunately, he is still diabetic, but now he has control over his body.  Medicine can help a person's health, but ultimately it is the individual's lifestyle choices that direct one's well-being.

Keep cycling Dan! 

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